Arropol Chemicals, Inc.® was established in 2018 and is a sister company of ArrowStar, LLC, a producer and supplier of specialty chemicals to the fiber, carpet and metal working industries.

Our technology focus at Arropol® is the production of urethane and epoxy systems – specifically, polyols and polyol blends for polyurethane; and curing agents, hardening agents and blends for epoxy coatings. Most of these products are produced from the deconstruction of post-consumer and post-industrial polyester carpet through a reclamation process developed by Arropol®. On October 5, 2018, Arropol® received EPA approval for its polyol process.

Our market focus at Arropol® is in the areas of coatings, flexible foam and semi-rigid foam uses in a variety of industries or as a component in a finished product.

This process yields significant environmental advantages, such as:

  • Avoidance of post-consumer and post-industrial carpet in landfills
  • Reduction of the overall industry carbon footprint for polyester carpet
  • Reduction of virgin chemicals to produce polyurethane and epoxy coatings

Arropol® is based in Dalton, Georgia and was founded by ownership with over 50 years of chemical company experience and over 150 years of collective technical expertise in select specialty areas.



  • Arropol Chemicals, Inc.®
  • ArrowStar, LLC (USA)
  • StarChem, LLC (USA)
  • StarChem, Inc. (Canada)
  • StarChem, SA (Honduras)

Executive Board

  • Chairman: Charles Cofield
  • CFO: Kevin Harris

StarChem Global

StarChem Global focuses on the production of surfactants, silicones, and specialty chemicals in the following fields: Textiles, Oil & Gas, Consumer Care, and Chemical Intermediates. 


Arrowstar focuses on specialty chemicals for fiber, carpet and metal-working industries.

Message from the President, Ralph Boe:

Our Vision at Arropol® is to produce specialty polyols and epoxy auxiliaries for the polyurethane foam industry and epoxy coatings in a sustainable manner. By doing this we envision a way to produce these useful and necessary products in a responsible way.To accomplish this, we will apply our ingenuity, our expertise, and our technology to deliver tangible, environmentally friendly and market driven solutions. 

Our Mission at Arropol® is to use raw materials and unique agents to synthesize chemicals in an environmentally friendly atmosphere that can provide lower cost or preferred in-use benefits for our customers, while paying special attention to the safety of our associates. By so doing, we will become the preferred provider of epoxy diluents, curing agents, and hardeners for coating applications and special  PET polyols for flexible, semi-rigid, and rigid foam applications.

We operate in a safe manner for our associates and customers and provide the most efficient service through a seasoned sales and technical support team for which we will be rewarded based on value. Our goal is for everyone to return home safely everyday by creating a safe working environment and establishing a requirement to adhere to safe working practices.

We have created sustainable solutions and product platforms to help our customers manage their environmental footprint from our portfolio of standard products to custom manufacturing products to achieve their objectives. We do this to better serve our associations, our customers, and our communities.

We adhere to a philosophy of operating efficiently through conservation of energy and water and waste reduction/elimination, as well as use of more environmentally friendly materials. Our social responsibility includes direct financial and personal involvement in various community organizations assisting those less fortunate in health, wellbeing, and personal development initiatives.

We seek fulfillment in knowing that every day we have tried to improve the quality of what we do for our customers, our associates, our families, the community, and the environment. We are committed to helping you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Ralph Boe
Arropol Chemicals, Inc.®

Arropol® Advantages

Using products made by Arropol® has three major advantages to the manufacturer in any number of industry verticals, whether it’s packaging, construction, transportation, floor covering or others.

  • Environmental Story. The use of products made with Arropol® polyols improves the sustainability efficacy of any finished product.
  • Improved finished product performance. Arropol® polyols are made to the highest standards and can be engineered to precisely meet your specifications.
  • Lower cost

Because our process uses reclaimed PET carpet fibers, our polyols contribute to a lower net cost to finished goods than the use of virgin chemicals.

Our History

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