We’ve all been affected by the supply chain crisis, with many vital feed stocks for manufacturing in short supply.

At ARROPOL, we can supply you polyols right now, made from readily available post-industrial and post-consumer PET carpet fiber. Call today or simply fill out the form below. I guarantee you’ll be pleased you reformulated to ARROPOL.

Ralph Boe
President of ARROPOL Chemicals

Advantages with Polyols from Arropol Chemicals

  • Readily available for you, now
  • Made from recycled PET carpet fiber
  • Lower cost than most commercial polyols made from virgin raw material
  • Custom formulations to your end-use specifications
  • Professional expertise to ensure your satisfaction and optimum performance
  • Improved end-product performance observed in most applications
    • Tensile strength
    • Resilience
    • Impact resistance
Polyester Fibers
Polyols are the main ingredient for creating flexible, semi-rigid and rigid polyurethane used in a variety of applications.
We developed a way to deconstruct polyester fiber into useful polyols in an environmentally responsible way.

Arropol Polyols are used in variety of end products


Artificial Turf



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