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The Polyols Process

As the graphic illustrates, Arropol® uses a process to deconstruct post-consumer or post-industrial polyester carpet, providing the polyester fiber as the key raw material to produce polyols for polyurethane. The process further relies on chemical decomposition of the polyester fiber followed by synthesis to form polyester polyols.

In this process, PET from re-constituted post-consumer or post-industrial PET carpet fiber is depolymerized and re-processed into a polyol. Our polyols have been tested and approved for use in urethane underlayment for various hard surface flooring installations, shoe footpad inner liners, spray foam and other urethane applications.

The significance of this process is profound when considering that the polyester from one pound of post-consumer polyester carpet, currently being deposited in landfills, will produce about the same weight of polyol.

The process reaction occurs in a closed system, with volatiles condensed and collected in a receiver. By-product of the polyol reaction (an alcohol) is sold to other chemical companies to replace their virgin material needs. Condensed water is the only by-product to be disposed in the waste system.

Arropol Infographic

Arropol® Products

We produce the following specialty products and services:


The polyols produced from recycled Polyester carpet fibers are used in varying percentages from 5 to 100% in polyurethane for flexible foams, semi-rigid foams and rigid foam applications. Hard flooring surface underlayment, shoe footpad inner liners, spray foam insulation and rigid foam products have been produced with varying ratios of Arropol® polyester polyol.

This polyol provides opportunity to lower cost, improve finished product properties and of course be sustainable.

Arropol® also supplies specific blends for direct polyol replacement of existing systems with varying amounts of our polyester polyol.

Our technical data sheets are available upon your request.

Specialty Epoxy Compounds and Curing Agents:

Epoxy compounds are typically synthesized from virgin chemicals and intermediates and suitable for many coating applications. Arropol® is positioned to make custom epoxy products as well as blends at specified minimum volumes.

Epoxy Products Include:

  • Resin Blends
  • Aliphatic Amines
  • Cycloaliphatic Amines
  • Mannichs
  • Amidoamines
  • Polyamides

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Specialty Chemical Reaction and Tolling capability:

Reactor capability from 30, 120, 250, 2200, to 4600 gallons
Temperature Capability to 290 degrees centigrade
Blending (Hot and Cold)

Reactions include:

  • Phosphate Esters
  • High Temperature Esters
  • Fatty Acid Esters
  • Sulfosuccinates
  • Betaines
  • Sultaines