Our Approach

  • Our Vision is to provide products largely directed to the coating and construction industries, with particular emphasis on Urethane and Epoxy Chemistries..
  • We employ advanced chemical technologies to deliver value driven solutions while utilizing environmentally friendly materials in attempts to reduce the overall carbon footprint in society.
  • We specifically concentrate on recycling post consumer thermoplastic materials to avoid depositing in landfills and reducing the use of virgin chemicals.
  • We operate in a safe manner for our associates and customers and provide the most efficient service through a seasoned sales and technical support team for which we will be rewarded based on value.
  • We have created sustainable solutions and product platforms to help our customers manage their environmental footprint from our portfolio of standard products to custom manufacturing products to achieve their objectives.
  • We adhere to a philosophy of operating efficiently through energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction/elimination, and use of more environmentally friendly materials.
  • Our goal is for everyone to return home safely everyday by creating a safe working environment and establishing a requirement to adhere to safe working practices.
  • Our social responsibility includes direct financial and personal involvement in various community organizations assisting those less fortunate in health, wellbeing, and personal development initiatives.
  • We seek fulfillment in knowing that every day we have tried to improve the quality of what we do for our customers, our associates, our families, the community, and the environment.