1. Prevention: It is better to prevent waste than to treat or clean up waste after it has been created.

2. Reducing use of energy, water, and raw materials will help to provide for generations to come.

3. Synthesizing products from renewable waste streams helps to clean up the environment, protect other living organisms and reduce the need for virgin materials.

4. Re-utilizing or selling by-products of reactions minimizes potential contamination to land mass and water ways.

5. At all cost avoid pollutants entering the water stream by avoiding use of hazardous materials and proper disposal.

6. Design products for re-use or recycle to avoid land fills.

7. Striving to continually improving production efficiency and reducing cycle times of reactions provides new effective capacity, reducing investment and lowering cost.

Solutions For A More Sustainable Future

We make a measurable difference by minimizing our effects on the environment. And we increase that difference dramatically by making hundreds of products that allow businesses to minimize their impact as well.

Our sustainable leadership not only applies to the products we develop and manufacture, but it also applies to our own facilities. We are always developing new ways to reduce our internal energy usage from all our activities, in part through implementing employee-inspired projects at all our facilities. We continue to adopt new methods of improving energy efficiency and raising the importance of energy efficiency throughout our company. Consuming energy generated by fossil fuels creates GHG’s, so we’ve worked hard to use less energy.

Goals Are Great. Results Are What Matter.

We have already reached many milestones in our quest toward greater sustainability. We continually monitor the progress of each of our goals. Our entire team is continually challenged to progress toward our goals.

In some of our environmental goals, we have exceeded our expectations, in others, we are not quite there. By continually evaluating our progress, we are able to make constant changes and corrections to meet our overall objectives. Through this process we will ensure that our sustainability goals are met and perhaps exceeded. You see, our goals are a minimum requirement for our company; exceeding all of our Sustainability Goals is our real passion.

Managing Waste

Minimizing waste is important in every phase of our operations. We look in every nook and cranny of our operations, from the waste in offices, to waste in printing e-mails, to the waste in throwing away recyclables. We minimize the waste from the raw materials that are used to make our final products. Since those raw materials are expensive, reducing waste is important environmentally and economically.

One of our most ambitious waste reduction strategies is the ability to make every batch of synthesized product to specifications every time, all the time, the first time.

You see, if synthesized products are not manufactured properly, the batches are either wasted as unusable final product, or they must be reworked in order to make them conform to strict specifications. In either case, waste is generated, either in materials, energy, or both.